The 'Tea-chest'

Tea Chest

shipping to ...? Use a teachest as it's ideal for most smaller consignments. 



For decades, New Zealanders grew up with the old wooden tea-chests, an old favourite with removalists and in it's time, a practical, rugged thin-ply crate which worked universally well.

It's former silver foil lining (yes, for the tea) is no longer available, but with Courier NZ's new generation of teachest, the silver lining is still available as a service analogy.

Times have moved on and because the old tea-chest no longer complies with international wood standards, the new generation 'tea chest' is here. Of similar dimensions, but of thick cardboard construction, the reborn tea-chest is one of the most popular units to send smaller items around the world (and around the country).

The 'personal tea chest' is particularly popular as a practical carton for small quantities of personal effects, and ideal for students' use.