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  ...our main service -  anything from 1 kilo to 10 tonnes (or more) 

    typically this means small orders, samples, spare parts, high-value   items, trade for regular importers and exporters with on-going smaller shipments.



If you’re sourcing products from a range of suppliers in the same region or country, it is more cost-efficient and secure to assemble them into one consignment and move them as one unit. This way, you’ll also save a lot on the border arrival costs through avoiding duplicated costs. It just takes a little management, and that’s where we can help.


If you have multiple customers in the same broad region, you’ll likely be fulfilling your orders by grouping them into one consignment and disassembling it into multiple deliveries upon arrival at the destination.


it’s important to position the sampling of any product range in a professional way. It’s not a good look when dipping your toes into a new market to come unstuck just getting the samples there.    bud5
  Start out right and get the ‘obvious’ things covered. Some of the things which trip
  up otherwise simple shipments include:

(i) ingredients or components need to be considered;
(ii) valuation issues;
(iii) country of origin (usually the country of manufacture - not country of export).

Factors like these need addressing at the pro-forma invoice. Run it past us first, we like things to run smoothly and anticipate problems so they can be avoided.

EXHIBITIONS - and Display Material

The exhibitions we know tend to have immovable deadlines, so it’s essential your items arrive in time...   (this might seem obvious, but you'd be surprised... )
Careful planning and allowance for contingencies is required – including a realistic timeframe. 

Product exposure and ultimate sales from new customers is the usual outcome objective from most exhibitions, so it’s wasted effort if the exhibition material is delayed enroute.

We’ll consider the timeframes step-by-step and we always encourage a contingency time allowance, but that if you are facing a tough deadline we’re capable of achieving the near impossible at times. Just contact us to discuss.

for more details see exhibitions and display material


Goods often need to be returned for one reason or another. Depending on the circumstances, there is usually an appropriate way to arrange the return, so it is best to discuss this during the set-up stage.


Goods are usually returned to the supplier for credit, as part of a stock transfer or because they have been temporarily imported or exported. And this calls for certain procedures to be followed during the retun process.

Sometimes they may have attracted import duty which can be refunded to you.

By asking you a few simple questions we can set things up to run to your advantage and to avoid re-entry problems at destination.

CAR PARTS ( International Shipping only )

We know what it is to love a car and that it’s body parts are precious. Some are rare. All are special.  Courier NZ is not without it’s classic car enthusiasts so we know first-hand how costly it can be to move car parts around the world.


We move all types of parts - new, reproduction, second-hand; body panels, interiors, engines, wheel sets - everything.

Our order assembly service helps combine more than one order from more than one supplier into a single, larger consignment, making it more cost-efficient.

We also understand that we ‘car nuts’ are generally individuals for whom every extra dollar saved on courier is a dollar more toward the car. 

Recognising that our car club customers have a pattern of small - but frequent - shipments of low-value products, we have set out to reward this support with a generous break on the rates.

We don’t do it for nothing, but we do it for less.

for more details see  USA car parts service UK car parts service Europe car parts service

AIRCRAFT PARTS  - commercial & vintage

Courier NZ offers a great service for the wider aviation community:

Aircraft spares and parts for contemporary aircraft;

Vintage parts (original, restored or remanufactured replicas) for  'warbird' maintenance, or restoration projects;

Temporary imports for templating or copy or refurbishment prior to return - whether you have a vintage radiator to move for recoring and return, or are sourcing wheel struts, avionics or airframe parts, we’re your people.

We also provide a practical range of options for the movement of new or replacement aircraft parts, for fixed wing or helicopters.

MACHINERY - Machine parts & spares

We deliver a service for the movement of urgent and not-so-urgent machinery parts, engineering spares and plant equipment.


Regardless whether it’s a machine down situation or a routine parts replenishment, we’ll be there (albeit with appropriately varying input from BudJet and Velocity...).

It's important that we understand whether you're facing a ‘drop-dead’ timeframe - such as a ‘machine down’ or halted production scenario, so that we know to pull out all stops.

Or if it’s non-critical, there are good deferred, more economic solutions we can apply.


New Zealand is wine country now, and it is only fitting that a New Zealand company as proficient
as Courier NZ should take your wine to the world.

Some destinations are not so welcoming to small consignments of wine however, including USA and China, where bureaucracy and the requirements for FDA permits make it quite impractical for casual shipments.  

 Packaging of wine ex Auckland is normally arranged (by us) in wine 'polypacs' which are polystyrene blocks with cylindrical sleeves crafted inside for the protection of wine enroute. These polypacs are designed to resist the rigours typical of international transit.

If you have a few bottles, or a few dozen bottles, we’ll look after the repackaging of it into proper protective packs, then get it on it's way.

For more details see our wine shipping overseas page.


Courier NZ moves anything of a marine nature, and pretty much everything. Except fish.


Whether it's componentry for yachts, launches, jetskis or your hovercraft |or runabout, we can move it all.

From winches / navigation gear / deck fittings / hydraulics / electronics, or marine equipment of virtually any type - Courier NZ should be your first port of call.

Our connections are to over 200 countries worldwide.  Your right choice to move your marine equipment is Courier NZ.

ART SHIPPING (International Only)

Courier NZ works closely with a range of overseas agents and partners when it comes to art.

girl_picWe have looked after a broad range of art, including exhibitions, time-sensitive art, and individual pieces.

 We offer this specialist service internationally, at the moment we are not offering domestic NZ art movements

Whether you have a series of fine works to be moved securely, or an individual work of more modest standing, Courier NZ are your people for the job. 

TEA CHEST - a favourite is reborn

For decades, New Zealanders grew up with the old wooden tea-chests, an old favourite with removalists and in it's time, a practical, rugged thin-ply crate which worked universally well.

It's former silver foil lining (yes, for the tea) is no longer available, but with Courier NZ's new generation of tea chest, the silver lining is still available as a service analogy.

Times have moved on and because the old tea chest no longer complies with international wood standards, the new generation 'tea chest' is here.

Of similar dimensions, but of thick cardboard construction, the reborn tea chest is one of the most popular units to send smaller items around NZ and the world.

As a  'Personal Tea Chest' is particularly popular as a practical carton for small quantities of personal effects, and ideal for students' use in repatriating their study gear and their personal effects.