Machinery, parts and spares

bulldozer_1We deliver a service for the movement of urgent and not-so-urgent machinery parts, engineering spares and plant equipment.

Regardless whether it’s a machine down situation or a routine parts replenishment, we’ll be there (albeit with appropriately varying input from BudJet and Velocity...).

It's important that we understand whether you're facing a ‘drop-dead’ timeframe - such as a ‘machine down’ or halted production scenario, so that we know to pull out all stops.

Or if it’s non-critical, there are good deferred, more economic solutions we can apply.

With second-hand parts, be aware of biosecurity risks – non-new parts are usually ‘flagged’ by the destination border authorities, so it is vital to ensure they’re thoroughly clean.

Avoid the use of using wood packaging materials too, as this harbours contaminants and is likely to add time and cost to the operation.  This is especially critical to avoid in an urgent 'machine outage' situation. Plastic pallets  are always a preferred alternative, but if the use of wood packaging materials is simply unavoidable, then at least use wood which is certified to ISPM15.

For more information see our tools and tips  page. This includes ISPM15 information.
Beyond there check with us by email or phone us.