Exhibition Shipping

Exhibition & Display Materialbud6

The exhibitions we know tend to have immovable deadlines, so it’s essential your items arrive in time... (it might seem obvious but you'd be surprised)

Careful planning ad allowance for contingencies is required - including a realistic  timeframe.

Product exposure and ultimate sales from new customers is the usual outcome objectives from any exhibition so it’s wasted effort if the exhibition material is delayed enroute.

We’ll consider the timeframes step-by-step and we'll always encourage a contingency time allowance, but then if you are facing a tough deadline we’re capable of achieving the near impossible at times. Just contact us to discuss.

We're also aware of valuation considerations associated with any promotional giveaways or free samples, and prior to the exhibition give consideration to the disposal or repatriation of unused giveaways. Carnets or pre-arrangements with Customs can significantly ease the process.