NZ Freight Forwarding (nationwide)



CourierNZ - Nationwide Distribution


International gateways operate from our main centres only - Our domestic import on-forwarding (or export pre-forwarding) operates to/from all main towns throughout New Zealand.



Container Linehaul (FCLs) throughout NZ


              20' and 40' FCL freight forwarding 
                        include road, rail and coastal services  





Extreme Priority

When nothing else matters - the goods simply must be there!  This is the backup.

Leave it to our connections and lateral solutions to meet the challenge of the nearly impossible. 



 Orders Assembly Service

resized__69x150_girl_parcelRegardless whether you are sending them or sourcing them, we'll consolidate your multiple orders so they travel to their destination as a single shipment. 

if you're ordering from several suppliers in the same broad region, we'll assemble them into a single 'freight' shipment. This improves efficiency, reduces the likelihood of loss or damage, and minimises duplicated costs.

resized__90x150_bud6if you are sending orders to several customers in the same area, we'll combine them into a single shipment and decant them at the destination distribution centre into multiple delivery points.

At either end we'll stagger their dispatch according to requirements.

Warehousing and Storage


We offer storage, warehousing and logistics for all cargo types. 

Our warehousing and storage facilities are available in a variety of locations throughout New Zealand.

We have off-the-shelf logistics solutions as well as tailor-made warehousing and storage solutions to fit the situation. Contact us to discuss .