Car Parts


( a service to Car Clubs and Car Enthusiasts...)

We know what it is to love a car and that it’s body parts are precious. Some are rare. All are special.

Courier NZ is not without it’s classic car enthusiasts and we know about car shipping and how costly it can be to move car parts around the world.

And we also realise that we ‘car nuts’ are generally individuals for whom every extra dollar saved on courier is a dollar more toward the car. 

Recognising that our car club customers have a pattern of small - but frequent - shipments of low-value products, we have set out to reward this support with a generous break on the rates.

We don’t do it for nothing, but we do it for less.

Types of Parts

We move all types of car parts - new, reproduction or second-hand; body panels; complete interiors; upholstery; engines and drivetrains; wheel rims - theoretically, anything you can throw at us...


All items need to be securely pre-packed for shipment - heavy items (e.g. gearboxes) should be well secured so as to avoid movement enroute. Any wood needs to comply with ISPM15 standard.

USA Service

We operate our service right across the United States, so can get your gear moved between there and here with no fuss. All marques welcome, even GM.

UK Service

Our UK service links to all major towns across the UK.  For HM Customs export purposes, the exporter's VAT number needs to be provided and usually for this reason collections from private UK addresses is precluded.  


Europe Service

We also link to all 'car-nations' throughout the European Community - including of course Germany and Italy.

Audi, Alfa, BMW, Fiat, Ferrari, Lancia, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes, Porsche, or VW... all welcome

Economy Deferred Service


For single orders, try our Economy (deferred) service which you’ll find a little cheaper - still a great service but at a very reasonable cost and normally no more than about 7 days longer.

Order Assembly Service

If you’re sourcing car parts from a variety of suppliers, use our order assembly service where we’ll collate your orders at a central location, into one ‘parcel’ for you.

Importing to NZ - Customs GST

We hate to scare you but we often find people overlook GST on orders which arrive into New Zealand. If you are importing car parts (or anything for that matter) into NZ, and if the Customs GST / Duty collection would be $50 or more, then allow for 15% Customs GST. Customs GST is calculated on the combined amount of (i) the cost of the car parts; (ii) the cost of the courier/freight cost to NZ; (iii) the cost of any transit insurance premium, and (iv) any import duty payable.

Importing to NZ - Customs

Something which arises less and less these days, but Customs still come across false values being declared on invoices and are quick onto it. Customs is naturally concerned with origin and valuation of imported goods. Whilst it may appear tempting to some to play some jiggerpokery with the  declared purchase price, we strongly suggest this'll only get you into hot water and your goods seized by Customs. Customs have a very smart computer which accesses an instant database of historical imports of a similar nature and can quickly recognise when some smarty is trying to dupe it. So don't even go there.

Importing to NZ - Quarantine Implications


When sourcing or ending second-hand parts, be aware that there are biosecurity risks - and second-hand items are often flagged at the destnation border as being 'high risk'. Therefore it is vital to ensure that they're thoroughly clean and free of dirt, insects, spiderwebs, or other contaminant. Quarantine officers are extremely vigilant, so time taken to ensure the items are  clean and properly prepared will likely save you both time and money.

‘Parts Crate’ Service


Watch this space because we are working on a new 'product' and that is a car ‘parts crate’ service, which will operate from selected points including London and Los Angeles, to New Zealand. We'll be able to keep you posted on the launch of this if you care to subscribe to our e-mailout.

bud3We link to all main towns throughout UK and Europe, enabling us to arrange a complete door-to-door service for your car parts and spares. New or reproduction parts, second hand parts, panels, wheel rims, we do it all.

We’re pretty undiscerning here so whether it’s Audi or Alfa, Cosworth or Capri, BMW or Lotus, Citroen or Zephyr, MG or Bentley, we’re here to help. But we draw the line at Lada (just joking).

A little tip if you’re sourcing from the UK - make sure the sender has a VAT number otherwise there will be Customs delays moving it over the border.