Aircraft parts - commercial & vintage

bud9Courier NZ offers a great service for the wider aviation community:

Aircraft spares and parts for contemporary aircraft;

Vintage parts (original, restored or remanufactured replicas) for  'warbird' maintenance, or restoration projects;

Temporary imports for templating or copy or refurbishment prior to return - whether you have a vintage radiator to move for recoring and return, or are sourcing wheel struts, avionics or airframe parts, we’re your people.

We also provide a practical range of options for the movement of new or replacement aircraft parts, for fixed wing or helicopters.

Be aware of quarantine standards too. Most countries’ quarantine staff identify second-hand parts especially as ‘high risk’ so pay particular attention to ensuring they’re thoroughly clean and dry.

And avoid using wood packaging materials where possible. If in doubt check with us by email or just give us a ring. Check also our tools and tips page for more pointers on this.