Courier NZ - about us

CourierNZ is New Zealand's only freight business specialising in the international movement of  'Small Freight'...

What is 'Small Freight'?

‘Small freight’ usually means smaller orders, or samples, replacement stock, spare parts, or high-value manufactured items. Often time sensitive, but not always.

Small Freight is often sent either as airfreight (and/or courier) and frequently as small seafreight consignments. Sizes vary considerably - they can be as little as one kilo, or 10 kgs, 100 kg, 1,000 kg, or upwards of 5-10 tonnes.  There is often uncertainty as the most economical way to send them.

Often the job is deflected to the regular freight or courier company, expecting that to be the right way... this is often a lottery, and commonly mistake #1.

Inappropriate or wrong freight methods are often used when sending small freight. 
Knowing how to freight small or medium-sized orders is often unclear: cost comparisons to work out 'the right way'  to send stuff is time-consuming and complex; few people have a practical understanding of how the various options actually work, or the expertise and experience to apply them.  

Inefficiency is often undetected yet the ongoing waste and overspending can be considerable.

Good people = Good service

The secret to good business is always it’s people,  which is why our team is built of are high calibre professionals, who are in tune with the concepts and practices of quality customer service.

Our Secret to Success

shhhhhhhh.   Try us   ( it’ll become clear).


(But here is part of it: we’re passionate about service; we love helping customers; we have pride in our accomplishments; we want to keep building our good reputation; we get a lot of satisfaction knowing we provide great value; we really do in fact care about our customers; we try to ensure that every customer experience is positive and memorable; we know the value of strong strategic partnerships with our stakeholders; we run a realistic yet margin policy based on high volume turnover. All this, and we enjoy what we do.)

Where Budget and Velocity Converge

Cost and Speed are the two critical elements of international logistics. These two elements, and they're now working for us, embodied as two of our best team members. So meet BudJet and Velocity:


’"I'm Bud - Bud Jet. I look after the costs - as you'll know from my name I'm fairly budget-conscious and I like to make sure the costs don't get away on our customers.  We give value around here, and I'm always on the prowl for ways of improving service and
improving cost-efficiency for the customers."

“ ...and I'm Velocity. I control the pace... they call me Velocity because that’s the way I am - I make sure things get to places fast (when they need to) or more leisurely (when they can), I’m fast when that’s what’s you need. Or I can take it slower.

I work in closely with Bud and make sure we get just the right balance for what you need."

BudJet and Velocity work very closely together - BudJet is very price conscious and is always trying to keep an eye on costs.  Cost Cost Cost.. At the same time Velocity is keen on getting things delivered as quickly as she can. Fast Fast Fast. Which means,  when these two get together, they achieve the right result at the right price. 

Between BudJet and Velocity, we have the world pretty well sorted.