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Variable Fuel Surcharge

Diesel, aviation fuel, bunker fuel, and petrol are significant operating costs across the transport industry and the fluctuating surcharge is the industry-wide mechanism to accurately counter the impact of fluctuating crude oil prices.

The fluctuating crude oil barrel price links to transport tariffs by way of a variable 'fuel surcharge' which fluctuates up and down in line with crude oil prices. 

Current Variable Fuel Surcharges (VFS):

Domestic NZ:  6-11%

To Make an Enquiry or Booking

Always best to email us  - or submit the shipping instruction form.

The Import Process


Upon receipt of your shipping instructions we will arrange pickup from the overseas address nominated on the shipping instructions.

This will be co-ordinated with the sender at that address, for whom we will require a 'phone number.

Dependant on the commodity etc we may have the need to obtain further information.

The supplier must have items packed and secured, addressed and labeled, with either a commercial invoice or a pro-forma invoice.

The Export Process


Upon receipt of your shipping instructions we will arrange local pickup from the address, co-ordinating it with the sender whose contact details we will require.

Dependant on the commodity etc we may have the need to obtain further information.

For border and security purposes we require items packed and secured, fully addressed and labeled, with either a commercial invoice or a pro-forma invoice available at time of pickup.

Payment Methods

we accept electronic banking - our bank account details are available here

regular users domiciled in New Zealand are welcome to apply for a limited credit account, refer our credit application form

consignments for non-account holders will need to be settled prior to delivery

Prohibited Items

Items we do not handle

cash, jewels, bullion, negotiable instruments, negotiable vouchers, negotiable tickets, precious stones, gems, contraband, any merchadise of an illegal nature.

Items to be Referred

Fragile antiques, live animals

Prohibited Items

explosives (incl perfume, hairspray, ammunition, flares, fireworks, cap guns, caps, deodorants)
corrosive materials (incl thermometers, bleach, acetates, nail polish, battery acids, mercury)
radioactive material
toxic substances & materials
oxidising substances (incl hair dyes, disinfectants, fibreglass repair kits)
gases (incl. aerosol cans, gas cylinders, cigarette lighters, fire extinguishers)

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are outlined on this website under the heading titled 'Doing Business'

The Claims Process

In the unlikely event that there is mishap, please notify us in writing as soon as possible. Time is of the essence. 

Ensure that any damage is noted on the delivery receipt and signed for by the driver delivering it - this is vital. 

Full details of the procedure to follow are covered by par. 18 of the terms and conditions.

As with all domestic and international transport, there are statutory limitations to the carrier's liability under the Hague Rules (international) and under domestic legislation (e.g., New Zealand's Carriage of Goods Act). Such enactments stipulate maximum liability levels as well as  timeframes for notification of any loss, damage or non-delivery. Claims arising from loss or damage whilst in transit may only be for the substantiated nett cost price of items concerned and exclude margins such as reseller's margins and also exclude any consequential costs.

Transit Insurance

Aside from the limited liability available through carriers, we recommend that transit insurance be taken out for all shipments.

If you are a regular sender, then we can put you in touch with specialist marine transit insurers who can help setting up an 'open policy'  which means you pay one premium per year rather than paying insurance for every shipment (which is not good value if your sendings are regular).

You may arrange insurance yourself through your own broker, or we can arrange transit insurance cover for you - but this needs to be expressly requested of us in writing and expressly confirmed as arranged.